• Metal Roofs

    Metal roofs have become a popular alternative to traditional roofing materials. This is due to the fact that metal is lightweight, maintenance-free, fireproof, energy efficient, durable, and can be manufactured to give virtually any look conceivable. Furthermore, metal roofs have a life expectancy of over 30 years and houses with metal roofs may receive a discount on the homeowner's (fire) insurance.

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  • Shake Roofs

    A shake roof has a distinctive and natural appearance combined with durability and curb appeal. Their more apparent drawbacks include a higher price tag than other roofing materials, and a shake roof requires maintenance to protect it and extend its life. On the plus side, shake and shingle roofs have a natural resistance to insects and UV-ray damage. Unlike metal roofs, cedar shake handles heavy rain and hail quietly and with high durability.

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  • Tile Roofs

    Tile roofing is becoming one of the most popular materials used in roofing. It is available in concrete or clay, and in many different colors and shapes. Its versatility gives homeowners the ability to find something that matches their home. Concrete roofing tiles offer elegant, long-term aesthetics for house designs and improved marketability for the builder. They also provide greater protection to the homeowner.

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Cover Your Assets

Roof covering is the one part of the roof that allows a homeowner to customize according to specific needs and wants. Sun Coast Roofing will assist you in selecting a material that is right for your personal tastes, climate needs, and budget.

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Having the right roofer is a watershed for your home

A new roof can definitely allow a homeowner to breathe a sigh of relief. On top of that a good warranty offers peace of mind against wind damage, moisture problems, and other weather-related situations that can post a potential problem. Even a new roof needs regular inspections to ensure that everything remains safe and secure. Small roofing problems dealt with as soon as they are spotted can save you a great deal of time and money.

The price of a new roof system varies widely, depending on such things as:

  • Material - We can make the grade and stay within your budget
  • Shape - We can help you choose the style that is right for you
  • Labor - Get on the books before the buys season and save

Here are some other important aspects of roof assembly:

  • Roof Insulation - Controls heat flow in and out of the building
  • Vapor Barriers - Limits moisture from entering the roof
  • Top Cover - Protects the roof from UV radiation and damage

There are many different distinct shapes for roofs these days, some more common than others:

  • Gabled - Single slope on each side, creating a triangle front
  • Side-Gabled - Non-gabled side faces the front doorway
  • Front-Gabled - Gabled side faces the front doorway
  • Cross-Gabled - Perpendicular wings with main section

Each home presents a unique challenge. The effort required to put on a new roof includes:

  • Removal - Time required to tear off the old roof
  • Replacement - Damage caused by leaks must be restored
  • Flashing - Chimneys, pipes require special attention
  • Installation - Very steep or tall buildings are more difficult

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Backed by our water tight 20 year guarantee on all complete roof replacements. We have the industries best written labor warranties on all our services. All jobs receive a written certificate guaranteeing labor.

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